Can Database write delays cause issues?


My application has a lot of DB replication in the background.

Currently, I’m trying to hunt down a stubborn bug that causes (any) page in my application to infinitely refresh (as soon as the page loads, it reloads, on repeat) and I’m having no real success.

I’ve replaced iron:router with flow-router, that hasn’t helped. I’ve look at every single publish, subscribe, and template for some kind of logical infinite loop. Still not seeing anything.

For a while I thought it might be a third party module but I’ve removed all but the essentials and still no luck.

At this point I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something wrong with the runtime itself, or the way my environment is configured.

Has anyone else seen this infinite reload issue?


I think maybe I see a pattern to the refreshing. I think maybe it only happens if you open a second tab for the same server. Any ideas at all why that could happen?