Can I customize the 503 message and style the 503 page?

I want to change the 503 message. Is that possible?

The same question here… During test development the app may not be available sometimes but since DNS is pointing to Galaxy, it shows this ugly ‘no endpoints available’ message.

An option could be to redirect DNS to some external page, but changing NSs is delayed every time you do this, so not an option.

A feature request would be to at least be able to change or remove the message at all, or better - allow to upload somewhere a ‘not available’ html page and show it instead.

i use a service worker to show a simple html file when it detects an error response.

the downsides are:

still better than nothing though :slight_smile:

there are some tutorials around for a service worker to provide offline content, which can be adapted to also intercept 403 responses.
for example

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As I understand, this is just to show it differently on local computer, and has nothing to do with the 503 page generated by Galaxy, right?

the service worker will interpret the response from the server and show the custom page from cache instead :slight_smile: galaxy won’t notice, it’s just to show a prettier page instead of the default error message and it only works if the user has visited your site successfully at least once before.

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