Can I deploy to Elastic Beanstalk using Arunoda's "meteor up" tool?


The company that just acquired the company I work for has informed us that we must migrate our meteor app to AWS and start using https. Prior to this I was deploying to digital ocean using mupx and everything was great. Also, I have been instructed to use Elastic Beanstalk (as opposed to EC2).

I tried to follow this guide:

I ran into a snag with the guide, though – step 6 (When it prompts you for a source, click Upload your own and select your file we created.) crashes on me – Elastic Beanstalk keeps giving an error: “A problem occurred while uploading to S3.”

So - I was wondering if anyone knows or an updated guide, or how I can use the fantastic “meteor-up” tool from Arunoda/Kadira to deploy a production meteor app to Elastic Beanstalk. Thanks.


Hmm, really bummed that this doesn’t seem possible.