Can I develop Meteor apps on Chrome OS?

I don’t have Chrome OS machine, and I think it is a reasonable choice if I can develop Meteor apps on Chrome OS.

Please give me information.

Yes. If it’s a large app (or you want to use Cordova) though, you may have issues, there are currently 2 options:

  1. Use a cloud based IDE and run Meteor on a VM (Cloud9, Nitrous.IO, etc.)
  2. Use Crouton to run Linux on Chrome (Ubuntu, eOS, etc.).

I’ve done both but prefer Crouton, getting all the drivers (trackpad, etc.) takes a bit but you have a real desktop; try both out.

@areich-san, thank you to give me useful information!

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Hi, it seems there’s a third option, natively without using Crouton:

Error installing Meteor on linux x86_64 chrome os

Meteor runs great on Chrome OS, with one easily-fixable caveat. :smile: The problem you will encounter is like this:

chronos@localhost ~/projects $ meteor create myapp
'/home/chronos/user/.meteor' exists, but '/home/chronos/user/.meteor/meteor' is not executable.

This is because ChromeOS mounts the home folder using the noexec option by default. To fix it, you can run the following command (or put it in your .bashrc to make it permanent):

sudo mount -i -o remount,exec /home/chronos/user

And boom! Meteor works!