Can I get absolute urls on generated html?

When meteor generates html, all the URLs for CSS and js are relative. Is there a way to specify an absolute path?

I think this may clarify the behaviour:

standard-minifiers package (automatic upgrade): Starting in Meteor 1.2, your app must include the standard-minifiers package to get the default CSS and JS handling that was hard-coded in Meteor 1.1. When you update your app to 1.2 or a prerelease of 1.2, Meteor will add the standard-minifiers package to your app automatically. Besides minifying your code in production, the biggest effect of standard-minifiers is in how URLs in CSS are interpreted, such as for fonts and images. In a Meteor 1.1 app or an app with standard-minifiers, the URLs are interpreted relative to the top level, because all CSS is concatenated in development, and concatenated and minified in production. If you remove standard-minifiers in Meteor 1.2, URLs in CSS will be interpreted as relative to the CSS file, as per web standards. This change was made to give developers more control over minification, with less hard-coded functionality.

I’m not talking about URLs in CSS. I’m talking about URLs in the html that are generated with the web browser boiler plate generator.

How does one go about modifying the boiler plate generator?