Can I get more error and/or debug output from a built meteor app?


I’ve deployed a meteor app to my own server, but it’s crashing almost immediately after startup. No errors to stderr, logging messages (that I can find), or debug output of any kind is produced - other than a console.log() messages that I put into main.js.

Are there any parameters or environment vars that I can set to get more info on why my app is crashing in production?

btw, it works fine if I start my app from a command line with node main.js and access it with http://localhost:3000, but I’m trying to set it up as a service with a web proxy on port 80. When I do this, node.exe crashes any time I access the app’s URL. I don’t know why node.exe is crashing because there is no output other than the single console.log() message I put in myself.