Can I host multiple domains with same app and database

I am not a programmer, so please don’t jump on me if I ask anything stupid but is it possible to host multiple domain names with same app and database. I am in research mode and trying to figure out if the following can be achieved with meteor -

  • Allow same login to be used on multiple domains
  • Host them on same app with same database

Probably, but its almost certainly better to maintain seperate resources.

In order to help up i’d love to hear about your use case. It has pretty large Data protection concerns if your client’s databases are linked.

Thanks for the reply ahref. I am not sure how to answer the “use case” question but looking for a way to setup multiple sites that will have their own design, content etc. All sites will use same login system, so visitors can login with same username/password.

I did see another post where it was recommended to host on different port but won’t that cause more problem when it comes to updated the code.

Build one copy of your application and use settings.json to manage unique parts. One running application per each client.

Running it under one actual application will cause too many issue for a use case such as this.

As for code. Its no problem seeing as all your specific stuff is stored in settings.