Can I localize meteor core strings somehow?

I’m working on the non-english app. What I’m looking for is a solution to change the account-server.js hardcoded strings to local language. My last try (just manual change) finished with unrunnable meteor install (what is strange itself btw).

So, is there any “proper” way to get meteor core strings localized ?

You can’t. You’ll have to write up the login flow yourself

Most production ready accounts UI packages let you configure the strings. For example useraccounts. Read the meteor guide for more info.

I am talking about[ these ] ( strings.

Using [this] ( package does not help even it has build in localization.

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Interesting, didn’t know that was the case. I feel like apps/packages should never print error messages from the server directly, since then you need to do localization on the client and server…

They should be taken out of the code, at least.

I disagree, I think the accounts UI packages should have hooks to replace them.