Can I make an MMO with Meteor?

The answer is… YES

Self plug here, but I wanted to thank this community at /help for the last year of support while I self taught myself how to program in Meteor. It’s been hard, I’ve quit a few times, made a LOT of mistakes… But the cumulative effort of learning from this community has been my long dream of an MMO. Yep. Meteor can make an MMO.

Was it easy? No. But, Meteor can do it for sure. Looks to be using about 100b of information per second, and I’m pretty sure I’m not even fully optimized. I’ve got like 50 player accounts registered at this time, and have had 10 active connections with no lag, just hosting off my laptop.

It appears that loading 3,000 objects uses 1 gig of active RAM, and totally crashes a clients browser. Interesting limits to discover! Meteor seems to be very light weight, and I don’t know of any other frame work that I could have achieved this with.

This is a salute to you, Meteor.

Cheers and <3


Massive effort! I’m well impressed.

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There are some errors,when opening the console
Exception in template helper: TypeError: Cannot read property '_id' of undefined and another one

Meh, yeah, no big deal. Just need to add some logic checks on client.

Hey thanks! It’s a super fun side project. I’m no longer taking side jobs, and this fills the void, ya know?

hi!, its awesome!. i think on create a mmorpg but more text like storyline. it’s all a aventure coding on meteor

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