Can I run all my *.test.js and *.app-test.js tests in a single test run?

I have a collection of app and unit tests. If I run

'meteor test --once … ’ then the *.test.js files are run only. I have a test that fails in here and I see it fail. However, I don’t see it running the app-test.js files (which it isn’t supposed to).

‘meteor test --once --full-app’ only seems to run the *.app-test.js files. I have a failing unit test, and I definitely don’t see any failures.

I’m looking at automating my tests, and I’d like to run a single cli line to run all my tests. Is that possible?

Still learning, so I may have done something weird.


Not sure if this is your issue… but…

If you’re like me you logically started out by putting your tests in a folder called “tests”

Makes way too much sense right?

When using the Meteor test command you don’t want to put any tests in a folder calls “tests”… this is like a trap. I wish they picked a different name since putting your tests in a folder called “tests” is very logical but will drive you mad since nothing will happen. LOL…

From the guide:

  • The Meteor build tool and the meteor test command ignore any files located in any tests/ directory. This allows you to put tests in this directory that you can run using a test runner outside of Meteor’s built-in test tools and still not have those files loaded in your application.

No, I put my unit tests in a /unittest/ directory.

I’m starting to think I just misunderstood the testing intention. I’m looking at the following bits on

The primary way to test your application in Meteor is the meteor test command.

Does eagerly load any file in our application (including in imports/ folders) that look like .test[s]., or .spec[s].

Which isn’t the same as:

Additionally, Meteor offers a “full application” test mode. You can run this with meteor test --full-app.

It loads test files matching .app-test[s]. and .app-spec[s]..

So I guess there’s one style of testing for one type of testing and a different set for other types of test. So if you want (for CI) to run both tests, you apparently need to run two commands.

I don’t think that’s a problem, just something I didn’t initially understand.