Can I still work when building app for deployment?


I was wondering if I can keep working on my project while there is a build in progress ( for deploying ).
I do not know if there is a copy of the project that is done or something else that will ensure that I can keep working.

For now, I am waiting for the upload part to start.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I donโ€™t see console logs saying the app is being duplicated first prior to upload, so I have gone on an assumption that the code should not be worked on until after it has been uploaded.

It should be fine to keep working, it will build in a different folder (either where specified with --directory or a temp folder) just like you can run parallel builds for tests


Thanks for that answer !

It uses a separate folder for building, but does it also copy the source files before doing that?

good question, yeah maybe not. Might end up with some files before and some after an edit.
With tests, I donโ€™t notice since it re-builds at the same time as the dev version