Can I suppress the warning, "Unable to resolve some modules:"?

I have a bit of code where I try to require a module, and if it is not present, fall back to a default.

 var ourLayout = null;
 try {
    ourLayout = require('swishLayout');
 } catch (e) {
    ourLayout = require('drabLayout');

It works just fine, except for this message when starting the app :

 Unable to resolve some modules:

   "swishLayout" in /home/yourself/yourApp/client/configs/theme.jsx (web.browser)

 If you notice problems related to these missing modules, consider running:

   meteor npm install --save swishLayout

Can I suppress that message OR do this “object overloading” trick in a better way?

Will 1.5 provide a better way?

The only thing I can think of is to patch my package.json just before running the app … but it’s kinda crude.

I’ve been struggling with this for quite a long time in unifroms. Try this:

let x;
try {
    const r = require;
    x = r('package/x');
} catch (error) {/* Do something else... */}



try to delete node_modules/ folder and again run command meteor npm install. Hope it may help you.

Nice one! Exactly what I needed!

Thank you!

It seems I spoke to soon. :flushed:

Yes the error message went away, but require did not like to be treated that way, and loaded nothing. It may be because the dependency was not really there, it’s a symlink created with npm link.

I fact, my original example was over simplified.

This does do what I need, but I am not happy with it :

 function requireLayout(isModule) {
   if ( isModule.toLowerCase() === 'true' ) {
     return require('mmks_layout').LayoutDefault;
   return require('../modules/layout/containers/Layout.jsx').default;
 const LayoutDefault = requireLayout(Meteor.settings.public.IS_OVERRIDDEN);

 export {  LayoutDefault };

I’ve noticed that my solution won’t work if the module is not loaded anywhere in the application - it has to be statically analysed.

This trick used to work for me, but suddenly does not.

  const r = require; // using r shortcut suppresses Raven dependency warnings
  Raven = process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development'
    ? r('raven')
    : require('raven');

Does anyone know why?

Yes. I found some references to that, but it would not work for me.

I suspect it’s rules tightening to conform to ES2016.