Can I use 1.3 and skip import/export entirely?

I have a 1.2 app that’s purring like a kitten, works great.

Can I use 1.3 without any of this javascript import export verbosity? I just want the old lovable Meteor UX with npm importing as necessary (not for everything).


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Yes you can, right now it’s optional due to backwards compatibility.

But in the Meteor guide, it does indicate that sometime in the future it will most likely become required.

For NPM I could understand requiring import statements, but I personally hope it doesn’t become a requirement - rather an option. My project at work isn’t HUGE, but it’s pretty big, and I haven’t had a reason to need import statements. So I would imagine the majority of developers out there wouldn’t need it.

I hope they reconsider, at least for the Meteor API/project templates and .js files.