Can I use a {{{helper}}} in a template to import a script?


Basically I would like to use {{{myScript}}} as a helper, which returns a script such as


Doing so doesn’t seem to run the script.

But if I type the above directly into the template, it works.


no, it won’t work. But why would you want to inject a script into the page like that? Don’t you already have the function in the helper?


Thats unfortunate.

The script is actually a cgi script written in C++, hosted on the same box, doing highly compute-intensive polynomial calculations for a scientific application.

I can get around it by embedding the script tag with url directly in the template, but would prefer to include the script tag with url from a helper for convenience.


I am curious as to why iframe tags with a url can be embedded using a helper (and they work), but script tags done the same way don’t. Any ideas?