Can I Use can-i-use?

I have about 10 small sites built with meteor. Some were started years ago using meteor 1.0 built on ubuntu 14.4. I recently upgraded most of them from meteor 1.8.1 to meteor 2.1, 2.2, or 2.3, and use newer JS including spread operators and others in my source code.

They are all custom deployments, which I host on my own servers. They are running fine.

But I’d like to take advantage of can-i-use / browserlist and I am wondering if there is some documentation showing how it is related to meteor apps. Does this feature require something i have to add to my source, and/or is it something i must setup on my server to differentiate which bundles are selected as clients hit my server.

In other words, is there high-level documentation of the setup and use of can-i-use/browserlist for custom meteor deployments?

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i use meteor build deploy then host the sites myself on an apache server, but its not clear where i should be running npx browserlist@latest --update-db, before the build deploy, or on the server when its deployed?

also do i have to install something somewhere before running npx browserlist?