"Can I Use Meteor" — Diagnostic Tool :: For Meteor & Meteor Packages


We’re deploying a production meteor app into a network environment that is locked down to IE9 and probably has a bunch of restrictive firewall / proxy settings.

We’ve had trouble getting things to work, citing issues with old versions of iron-router; meteor etc. and have since managed to fix things to work for IE9 “for us”.

However, on the client end, from within their network — the app still “hangs”; and so we’re left to begin / negotiate a series of troubleshooting steps with the clients “IT guy”; to see what we might change about the network environment, to fully support websockets / sockjs etc. etc.

So, I wonder if anyone has a diagnostic tool handy; or set of techniques so that we might do this better, e.g.:

“here’s a link to caniusemeteor.com — run this IT guy; from behind your firewall, on all your shitty locked down browsers — and tell us the results; before you try to run our sweet meteor app; and tell us that its borked and ‘not working’”

Or if it doesn’t exist; I wonder if we can get a little discussion on how we might begin writing such a package? This possibly integrates with Atmosphere somehow?