Can i use meteor logo?

Hi There,
Since I am a huge fan of meteor and really want to “spread” the word…
I want to create I love [meteor icon] tee-shirts, and sell them,
I am allowed to do that ?


You should directly communicate with MDG for something like that…

Thanks, How I do that ?

From there contact page i guess

they really do need to have a brand page like twitter:

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Sorry for OT. Tbh, reading Twitter’s rules for using their logo I felt oppressed every second paragraph, almost to the point of “I’m sorry for wanting to use your logo, please don’t make me read this further”. That’s nowhere close to being user friendly.

Just the logotype or some standard buttons would be enough.

haha yeah twitter seem like they are overly controlling.
but you know what i meant, meteor currently have no guidelines that i have seen and people are just using graphics they have found online.