Can I use Meteor module system for static web site?


I am making some “static” web application. “static” here means no server side logic. It uses lots of JavaScript codes in clients.

I tried a few module bundling systems to select one but no one satisfies me.
I love Meteor’s module system.

Are there any ways to use Meteor’s module system for “static” applications?
I mean that I want to use Meteor’s module system for bundling assets and use static web server not meteor.


There’s a great tool for this called meteor-build-client:

AFAIK it does a regular meteor build and then grabs the files from bundle/programs/web.browser/ and adds a Meteor.disconnect() call to the scripts

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In terms of coding the app, just do it as you would for any Meteor project, just without any server code

@coagmano san, I think that this is what I want! Thank you!

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