Can I use Meteor to create offline iOS App?

I am trying to figure this by reading posts and looking on internet but I only get unconnected bits and pieces.
Explanations on GitHub are too short for Meteoric and GroundMeteor.
Some tutorials like Meteor in Action are still under construction and I can’t be sure they provide what I need.
The Beginners Guide to Mobile Development with Meteor by David Turnbull talks about using Cordova but it is not concerned about making app native like and offline.

So is there anything out there that might make sense to a beginner who wants to use Meteor to create offline iOS App.
Or maybe this isn’t even possible.
It is hard to tell from these examples.

You should check out this article: Offline app with Meteor and Cordova

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Hi @ivoronline, di dyou manage to implement your offline app from beginner level based on the link above? I’m starting with meteor as well, and will develop an offline app. I found the post from Rafael of great great help, and will get started soon - just wanted to get a feedback from someone who also started as a beginner, and whether you run into any major problems in your path.

I don’t think I have.
I did use AppCache, GroundDB and Meteor Persistent Minimongo to create offline web application which I have described in

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