Can Meteor 1.3.x be used with MongoDB 3.2?

I want to use the newest MongoDB 3.2 and I know Meteor supports MongoDB 3.0 but I couldn’t find anything about 3.2.

Is this possible?

If yes,

  • What are the limitations?

  • If you use(d) it, could you please share your experience?

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See the Meteor Roadmap “MongoDB updates” section. In a nutshell 3.2 is doable but buggy with Meteor 1.3; MDG is working on updating the mongo driver.

Thank you for your answer. Lack of proper Meteor updates are becoming frustrating.

It’s possible to use Mongo3.2.

  1. You need to install the Mongo3.2 youself
  2. set the env variable: export MONGO_URL=mongodb://:<27017 or port>/meteor
  3. start the installed mongo
  4. start meteor.

I have been using without any issues.

Cool, that’s good to know. Have you ever sharded?