Can Meteor integrate with a cloud IAM solution like StormPath?

I’d like to use Meteor, but i’d prefer to outsource identity and authentication management to a 3rd party cloud service.

Is it possible to not use Meteor Accounts, but instead delegate this role to a solution like StormPath?

What i’m specifically planning to do is integrate StormPath’s Node.JS Express add-on into my app. But i’m really new to Meteor and i’m not sure how prescriptive it is. See for more info.


AFAIK you can use it with StormPath, but I don’t think you can replace Meteor Accounts. What you can do is use the Meteor OAuth packages as a template to create a custom package to integrate with your StormPath OAuth interface. That way the login credentials are validated against StormPath, but the internal hooks that map to the internal accounts model still say valid. Hope this helps.

Thanks @shankscoder I have a microservice architecture, so your feedback was very helpful.

@dcworldwide we are using stormpath with a java server and angularjs frontend that I am thinking of porting over to meteor - did you end up implementing said oauth package? Could you share it with the world?

Sorry, i didn’t go down that path as we’ve deferred that requirement. If you do, i’d love to hear more.

Evaluating SP/Auth0, just found this: