Can meteor mobile apps point to meteor web server?


This is first time I am trying to build and deploy.

  1. I made a small app, deployed to digital ocean droplet using mup (web app).
  2. Now can I make a mobile build to point the same web-server which is used to server the web pages?
  3. I am also trying to find how to configure the mobile settings…



When you build for mobile you pass in a --server=<host>:<port> option that sets the address the app will connect to.

Have you read through the guide?


hi coagmano,
thanks for the reply.
I read, made the build mobile (android ) build with the --server ip:port options.
It says the build is successfull, but when I try to copy into the device and install, it says “App not installed”.{
id: ‘com.example.test’,
name: ‘test’,
description: ‘description’,
author: ‘company name’,
email: ‘info email’,
website: ‘http://url

am I missing something? I guess its pretty straight forward…but I cant see it…

stuck here… any help will really help!


I got the build on the device…I guess only signed release builds will be installed on android.
I made a debug build and there is no problem, but the app is unable to connect to the --server options provided during the build…