Can Meteor satisfy my requirements?


I’m in love with meteor for months, but i didn’t start to learn because my job, and i was learning Laravel so one step at time, so at this time, i just saw some Quickstart, some Case uses and examples.

I’m working on a Startup related to Logistics and we have a web application where clients see statistics, export some reports, see some charts, nothing from the other world, but the strongest part here is the backend, because here is where i do all the “magic”.

Now, the project that i was working is almost done, and i’m planning the version 2 of this project and i want to migrate to some Meteor (first i was thinking in a MEAN stack, but later i meet Meteor).

I want to know if Meteor is a good choice and if it will not have some things that i can’t do. For example: I need to have some ACL Support, someway to consume another API (from server side), if the most complex DB Queries are supported, etc. In resume, i want to know if Meteor can support a large business application with complex backend side and “regular” user interface.

PS I hope i made a point here, i’m from Chile so i speak spanish and i try to do my best with english.


To know if Meteor is a good choice is to start experiment and come back with specific issues.

As for database performance, you may want to try TokuMX as a drop-in replacement of MongoDB 3, especially useful for compressing data and lighter CPU load. Give that some testing and you will probably know if Meteor fit it.


Thanks for the reply. I know my question is “kind of global” but what i want to know if somebody has made some big application here. I want to experiment but you know, bosses don’t understand when we “experiment” with something.


Thanks proyb2 for pointing towards TokuMX. I was unaware of their offerings. Could you also please point to some helpful posts related to TokuMX while using meteor?


I’m unaware of Tokumx too.

Like VoltDB which the founder formally from PosgreSQL, extremely fast.