Can not subscribe CollectionFS in Angular-Meteor

I have try to subscribe CollectionFS with angular-meteor but still not working. I will show what I’ve try to do so far.

First in my model folder

Prints = new FS.Collection('prints', {
  stores: [
    new FS.Store.GridFS('original')
  filter: {
    allow: {
      contentTypes: ['image/*']
  insert: function (userId) {
    return true;
  remove: function (userId) {
    return true;
  download: function (userId) {
    return true;
  update: function (userId) {
    return true;

Second in my server folder

Meteor.publish('prints', function () {
  return Prints.find({});

Third in my component

        oldImage: () => {
          return Prints.find({}).count();

  this.autorun(() => {
        console.log('Autorun!!', this.getReactively('oldImage'));

I use code above to to print exist row which should print (there is a file in the collection)
Autorun!! 1 but I still got Autorun!! 0
So you may wondering why I sure that there is a file in the collection because I have check with Robotmongo and use
in the Chrome Developers tools and it returned 1 in the console.

So I wonder why I can not get the any Prints(CollectionFS) in the directive and How to solve this problem.

Any further question would be appreciate.

Thank you.

A collectionFS collection isn’t a normal collection:

Thank you @robfallows
I don’t think you point my fault.
For more information
I do as this link
and try to check my fault with their official document.

OK, not the fault of collectionFS then :smile:

I have not used angular-meteor, so I’m not sure quite what you need to do. However, your sample code doesn’t quite seem to line up with the getReactively examples here: - but if that doesn’t help, then I really don’t know - sorry.