Can one launch an app using "meteor run ios-device --mobile-server" in an empty dir?


For example, my codebase is on Macbook A, and is deployed to But, I want to test my app on an iOS-device connected to Macbook B.

On Macbook B:
meteor create sometestname
cd sometestname/
rm -r *
meteor add-platform ios
meteor run ios-device --mobile-server

A few things arent working — some of my Cordova plugins are simply not loading in the iOS device.
See Piece of code in mdg:camera works in cordova android, but not ios

Curious, I wonder if this is because I’m running meteor run ios-device ... in a blank meteor directory.


Not an expert but I would say that this is the problem…

The build process requires the files from the folder.


Can you elaborate? Because clearly it doesn’t require all of them. Which is why what is happening here is fairly counterintuitive


You should indeed run the app from your original project directory, not from a newly created empty project. What I suspect is happenings here is that hot code push downloads the code from your deployed app on the first run, which is why some the non-native parts seem to be working. But native plugin code, settings, etc. are not downloadable and will be missing.


Yep, I got the entire thing to work properly by including settings.json and packages file in the “empty” dir. Apparently, it gets everything else from the deployed app (source, etc.)