Can only make single HTTP request


I’m trying to hit the twitter api with various HTTP requests. I can always make a single request successfully but subsequent requests return a 401 error of “Could not authenticate you.” When I restart the server, I can make that first request again.

Also, if I make the same request with curl, I can make it as many times as I want without issue.

Any ideas?


What package are you using to do this? I’m not able to help with your problem but I also want to do tweets from the server side. I couldn’t find much in terms of meteor packages for this, so my thinking was to just pull the accessTokens via meteor and do the rest using HTTP and plain ole JS.

This is in the context of a a React Native app so I’m using react-native-simple-auth to generate the user token and secret.

I’m also using HTTP for all of the requests and POJS for authorizing the requests.

As far as my original issue, I was doing something dumb, and can now make sequential requests.