Can or should a non programmer attend Meteor Global Distributed Hackathon?


I’m a marine engineer,currently learning html/css on free time and yet to touch much of javascript.

Since it is a lonely road I thought it would be a good idea to attend a meteor meetup to motive myself.

however I’m not sure if I should say yes to Meteor Global Distributed Hackathon since I don’t know how to build a meteor app just yet - by myself without tutorials :blush:


I am the person running the hackathon, so I’m somewhat biased. But I think absolutely yes, for a couple of reasons.

  • The community is very friendly and full of people who want to help others learn about Meteor.
  • Given that you know some html and css, you could probably contribute to a team and learn along the way.

It sounds like you’ve been doing some self-teaching, so I’m guessing you already know about Discover Meteor and have seen Robert Dickert’s Intro to Meteor video.



Hi Nick,
We would like to participate in the Meteor Global Distributed Hackathon. How can we register? Based on , we need to fill up a registration form?


@nickcoe I don’t see how non programmer can fit in just yet

He may not give much from himself, but for him it will certainly be a great experience and lesson.


Hi Dax,

Yes; make sure to fill out the registration form on the site you just linked to so we can keep you up to date on where to submit your project, etc.



Hi Nick,

I see it now, it was blocked by privacy badger chrome plugin on my end. my apologies :smile:


The privacy badger strikes again!

No problem. It’s always about the idea. You can even do cool stuff just by using Telecope.

Do whatever you can. That’s the whole point.