Can T3 be used together with Meteor?

I read of announcement of T3 by Box in the link below:

As a beginner with Meteor, one of the things I am observing with my code is that as the code base increases, I could benefit from a standard code organization framework if such was built into meteor. I know this is something that MDG is hoping to implement in future, and already the community is already providing similar solutions in terms of building your front end logic with components which are reusable - link to the leading package on this direction is below:

So my question is, is it possible to benefit from good code organization best practices as touted by T3 by combining T3 with meteor? Or if this is not possible, how can one develop with meteor but adopt the same mind set the T3 team are using with their great code organization and front end architecture. Lastly, is meteor blaze components built with the same mind set as that of T3?


I don’t see anything there that would make it impossible to use it with Meteor. You should give it a try and see where you get.