Can we build an Inventory control system with a bar-code reader with Meteor?

Is it possible and is it good to use Nodejs (With a framework like Meteorjs) to build an inventory control system which also need bar-code reading ability! Have anyone done something like this?


Most barcode readers are actually just fast keyboards.

Create an input box, Place your cursor inside and scan a barcode. You get its text translation in the box. Attach an onchange event to the input box and you are out of barcode reading and in to just searching :smile:


Yep. Make a barcode corresponding to a product ID, then on the client just do something like this:

  'submit .barcode-form': function (e, template) {
    let productId = $('input[name="barcode"]');
    Products.update(productId, {
      $inc: { count: -1 }

And that manages inventory.


There’s three or four groups working with barcode readers already. We’ve had great success displaying the mongo _id field as a 3 of 9 barcode using the clinical:barcode package, and pulling records with a barcode scanner.


Hi, I’m actually building the exact same thing for my business as an internal tool, if you are interested i could give you very early access in exchange for some feedback! And I’m very close to completion. However instead of barcodes we are using QR codes + android cordova app to read it, but that can be very easily changed to barcodes.

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You could also use NFC tags.

Quick cordova plugin can easily handle that :smiley:

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@davethe0nly What QR code package are you using with your android(cordova) app?

this com.phonegap.plugins.barcodescanner@2.0.1 should be the one, probably at higher version right now. It was working fairly good as much as I remember.

Cool thanks for the offer! Im very new to meteor (In the process of moving from Rails to Meteor) so might not be able to give feedback as a programmer but can try as a general user! :slight_smile: Hope it’s ok with you!

No prob! It’s very close to completion, but yea, as an alpha :smiley:

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Cool! Perfect! Please let me know how I can test it :smile:

I would love to test as well. Thinking about an inventory app that scans barcodes and also collects time, date, and location. Something similar to MapYourTag.

I wouldnt mind providing feedback. I am a product manager and lead mobile for a tech company in the construction industry. Ive been using meteor for the last 6 months and very into it. I need an inventory management system utilizing QR codes for an internal project.

I just need to create a form (4-5 fields) to QR code, and then be able to read the QR code to display the fields. Additionally I will need to import about 100,000 records, and auto generate the QR codes (since the 4-5 fields will be provided during the import)

Once completed I want to incorporate a variable printing API to send the QR codes for printing. If you want to collaborate, I can provide as much feedback as I can.


I’m trying to scan bar codes with a hardware (Bluetooth & wifi) barcode scanner.
Any experience with this, by any change?



You can check

r u able to find an answer?