Can we build commercial app using Meteor Framework?

I want to build an commercial application.That application provides solution for Market Place Users like Amazon , eBay etc.

  1. Is this right framework to use ?
  2. If yes , In that application i need to use Hands-On-Table library. Is Meteor Supports Hands-On_Table ?

yes you can, and you can use it with any frontend view like blaze react etc…

angular sucks, don’t try angular with meteor

This comment is misleading at best.

@sou4: I don’t use angular, but lots of people do - and with Meteor. MDG is supporting it as a core front-end framework, so you should reasonably expect it to work.


I agree with @robfallows. A lot of Meteor developers are using Angular without any issue. Though we are mainly using react & blaze so far.

@sou4 - Yes - you can use meteor for marketplace. Check - It will save a lot of your time although it’s not fully developed as a market place so far.