Can we expect better error msgs/stack traces in Firefox in 1.2.x?

I still have to open up Chrome to troubleshoot issues because Meteor error reporting in Firefox is less than ideal. Will this maybe be addressed in 1.2.x?

Is there an issue on GitHub for this?

I keep both browsers at hand during development because most of the time chrome errors are more useful, but sometimes it’s the opposite.

Maybe not related to Meteor? Suggested workaround: use Chrome for debugging?

Switched to Chrome. :slight_smile: Partly for better debugging, but also because I noticed it got better overall performance compared to Firefox.

I MUCH prefer to dev in Firefox than Chrome.

However even in Meteor the Stack trace errors in Firefox are illegible compared to Chrome.
It’s like it’s missing newlines, but there’s more to it than that. Chrome is getting a cleaner error output with less text.

I’ll do a screenshot next time I see a good example, and will create a github issue if it doesn’t already exist.