Can we integrate MeteorJS (Backend Services) with Native iPad application

I was evaluating METEORJS for one of our product, We have Product interface as web application using angularJs and another iPad native application. I understand we can completely replace the AngularJs based web application by MeteorJs, but what about iPad native application? how we can leverage the MeteorJS features in iPad native applcation ? are there any sample code or documentation to use MeteorJS (nodeJs backend) as service in native iPad application?

Have you seen this?

This way you can use old Obj-C codebase and change only backend.

Also, you can replace native application with meteor-based Cordova one.

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Hi virtuallight,

thanks for your reply, I do not want to completely replace the native app because of existing user-base and native capability. but what I am thinking that for our product’s new feature we want to use MeteorJS for web and use its services/api for native app as backend.

I will refer the link that you have shared, but my whole purpose is keep the existing native ipad app as is and add on meteorjs capability to it.

So what is exactly a ‘meteorjs capability’? If you use native app, then, i think, only Reactivity and DDP are left. Reactivity you shoud somehow provide by yourself. And few more links on DDP for you )