Can we specify newer Node.js and NPM versions for Meteor to use? 🤔

Is there a non-internal (f.e. cli option or package) way to force Meteor to (at least try to) use newer versions of Node.js and NPM?

The current versions are a bit old.

I think we will need to wait until Meteor release version 3.0 (no fiber)


Simple answer is no. That has been an intentional design decision from the very beginning to tie a specific NodeJS version to a specific Meteor version.
See this old article for more info:

That said, you can always checkout the Meteor GitHub repository and change it yourself. As for updating to newer Node, well if you look a bit around you will find that work towards that has been the main focus for a about a year. Getting close:


Hi, curious to know which features of newer Node.js are you eager to use…

Since Node.js 14 is still under LTS I’m assuming you are trying to take advantage of a new feature that is not available at 14, right?

BTW, as Jan said Meteor chose in the past to pin versions of specific technologies such as Node.js, NPM and MongoDB. It is a good choice in terms of easy of installation and stability but of course it limits the ability for users to customize their environments.

It’s not that hard to upgrade these versions yourself but right now with Fibers incompatibility with Node.js 16 this is not possible at the moment.


I had problems with using newer packages: some depend on newer node (package.json engines field), so meteor npm install fails with an engine incompatible error.