Can you host a site made in Meteor at most hosting companies?


For example the German hosting company called Strato, who are also active in the Netherlands?

Or is it important what kind of databases, they are supporting ?


This recent forum thread has relevant info:


At first look Strato seems to be traditional LAMP hosting. For Meteor you need at least a hosting that supports Node.js application.

As for DB, if you use Apollo it is your choice. If you don’t use Apollo then you need MongoDB, but this can be put on another hosting like MongoDB Atlas.


I thought that node js, meteor, angular were the standard today. I guess i am wrong, mostly it is old lamp.
I found one that will do it for only 8 euro a month, with just webspace, databases and free data traffic


If you want to use Strato, you’ll need one of those at a minimum:


Ok thanks. So Strato may work. With an own v server there. I didnt see meteor mentioned, but it supports node js, ruby and python…


You can install anything you like on a vserver.


I wouldn’t recommend Strato for Meteor hosting, their VPS systems pretty suck (shared resources - we’ve tested it with their highest VPS plan). We had to deal with down times from the first day on. Strato is also part of Deutsche Telekom, this should be a warn sign :wink:. I would recommend you Hetzner, they use KVM virtualization and you get dedicated resources.


I’ve done a fair amount of Node deployments on a LAMP box. (I have a well priced, grandfathered dedicated server at Liquid Web). You’ll need root access, or someone at the service will need to do a lot of configuration for you.

Installing Node and Mongo is pretty easy once you get a package manager running. (Yum for Centos) The hard part is configuring Apache for Node, web sockets, and restarts. I’m happy to share what I know; however, I haven’t done a full Meteor deployment on a LAMP box.


Forget Apache, use nginx. About 12 lines of configuration, most of which can be simply copy&pasted.


The “A” in LAMP is Apache…


And? You’re not using MySQL or PHP either.


I’m using both. They’re called legacy apps.


I’m not sure why you’re even recommending using a LAMP stack when you’re using neither Apache, nor MySQL nor PHP for Meteor.

This is not about somehow who only has a LAMP server with legacy apps and now also wants to run Meteor on that box. This is for someone who’s starting out fresh.


Ok thanks. I will see


Just set up an app for testing on a strato vserver. I followed Patricks description:

But follow the README in /bundle there is none in the subdir any longer.

And I had plesk on the server, so I simply put this for the site specific Apache settings

<Location />
	ProxyPass http://localhost:3000/
	ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:3000/

And I turned the proxy_http module on in the general settings.


And just for people seeing this and having problems with excluding /well-known for Let’s Encrypt, just leave out the Location for http and paste this instead

# Exlcude .well-known as it stores the Lets Encrypt responses
ProxyPass /.well-known !

ProxyPass / http://localhost:3000/
ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:3000/