Can zombie Atmosphere.js packages be easily "forked"?


I’m new to building packages, so bear with me.

I keep finding and using Atmosphere packages where there’s no way to contact the package publisher; the docs they publish direct to github of a base project, and the bug-reporting link does the same. The publisher isn’t a member of the base project.

The current package I’m looking at is - but it’s far from alone.

When these packages become stale (as this one is), there’s no way to contact the developer, and no access to the package source. Is it possible to reverse-engineer a new local (non-Atmosphere) package based on that one? If so, can you briefly explain how?


I sympathise.

In the case you quote you could git clone the repo and set it up as a private package while you work on it. Afterwards, you can choose to keep it private, submit a PR to the author, or publish another version to atmosphere.


Thanks, but…
Where/how would I find the repo containing the package?
Atmosphere links directly to the underlying project (non-Meteor) it is based on.


OK, I understand now. My bad - I hadn’t noticed the repo was not the package.