Cannot configure login (accounts-google, etc…)


I added the following packages:


But when I click any of the three red button to configure google, facebook or twitter, the buttons does absolutely nothing, so I can’t configure the app…

Any Idea ?


Any errors in your browser console? Maybe try clearing your browser cache, and a meteor reset (warning: wipes your local DB).


No errors, and doing reset doesn’t help


Strange - have you tried another browser?


I noticed it was a problem with my iron router, I didn’t really understand it but removing {{> yield}} from my main.html solved my problem.

Cheers !


i have the same problem, when the start the meteor server the mongoDB is update with the secret: xxxxxxx client: xxxxx etc.

i override with the correct elements and work, but shutdown and restart the meteor and again update secret:xxxxxx how can solved that? i use flow router