Cannot create new apps

I’m a newbie and I’m getting errors while creating a new meteor app.

while downloading blaze
error: connect ECONNREFUSED

and many more similar to above.

I’m running meteor from a windows machine. any ideas how to fix this?

Did you install as Admin and set your Global Variable AND reboot?

Welcome to Meteor, it’s a party!

I did install as admin. I’m not sure what do you mean by setting a global variable. Should I create an environment variable?

Yes there’s a part to create an environment variable if I recall. Been like 13 months since I installed…

But interestingly enough when you it’s a 404

Maybe the package installer is broken at the moment?

Actually their SSL looks expired

So, how would proceed with the installation?

Hrmm. Maybe look at adding a rule to your hosts file or something… Or look for stuff on google like “How to enable all ssl websites forever with no warning” - install Meteor, and remove that setting.

Alternatively, you might be able to clone a repo, which doesn’t actually download Blaze from that URL, it would be a git repo.