Cannot find fibers/future

I am trying to get a meteor app to run and it keeps giving me this error. Any thoughts on how to fix it? I am running on Windows 10 with node.js and using meteor.

W20190710-13:17:18.567(-5)? (STDERR) C:\Users\TR\AppData\Local\.meteor\packages\
W20190710-13:17:18.568(-5)? (STDERR)                                    return f
n.apply(this, arguments);
W20190710-13:17:18.568(-5)? (STDERR)
W20190710-13:17:18.569(-5)? (STDERR)
W20190710-13:17:18.569(-5)? (STDERR) Error: Cannot find module "fibers/future"
W20190710-13:17:18.569(-5)? (STDERR)     at Object.require (C:\Users\TR\tryagain
W20190710-13:17:18.570(-5)? (STDERR)     at packages\meteor.js:191:20
W20190710-13:17:18.570(-5)? (STDERR)     at packages\meteor.js:361:4
W20190710-13:17:18.570(-5)? (STDERR)     at packages\meteor.js:1508:3
W20190710-13:17:18.571(-5)? (STDERR)     at C:\Users\TR\tryagain\.meteor\local\b
W20190710-13:17:18.571(-5)? (STDERR)     at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
W20190710-13:17:18.572(-5)? (STDERR)     at C:\Users\TR\tryagain\.meteor\local\b
W20190710-13:17:18.572(-5)? (STDERR)     at C:\Users\TR\tryagain\.meteor\local\b
W20190710-13:17:18.572(-5)? (STDERR)     at (C:\Users\TR\tryagain\.
W20190710-13:17:18.573(-5)? (STDERR)     at C:\Users\TR\tryagain\.meteor\local\b
=> Exited with code: 1

Looks a bit like a faulty meteor install. Have you tried re-installing the meteor tool?

I removed meteor and reinstalled it but it did not solve the problem. Any other thoughts?

I think I’ve seen this error when there was an older version of fibers in the app’s node_modules folder. Try running npm ls fibers and check if there is any versions older than 3.0.0. If it is a subdependency, you could try running npm install fibers to prevent npm from flattening the node_modules and moving the older version of fibers to the top level.

So I did what you said and now have -- fibers@4.0.1 but it still gives me the same as before. I’m really sure what to do now…