Cannot find folder where images are uploaded

Hello All,

Whenever I upload an image to my meteor app (1.5.1). I cannot find where the image was uploaded to on the server.

The URL is ""but there is no folder called upload. I have searched recursively on the server and checked the network tab etc to no avail

Previously when I used meteor 1.3.5 the folders was at “app/current/bundle/uploads”

I am using

Please any suggestions or help will be highly welcomed

generally you’ll want to use something like Cloudinary or Amazon S3. Cloud servers should be considered immutable; they could restart anytime and it’s unsafe to use as ad hoc storage.

Look at slingshot

Another, more comple solution, that I use, is FileStack.

If you use service like Galaxy then if you upload a new version the old container gets destroyed and you loose all the data uploaded to that container. The same issue is if you have multiple containers. Hence a dedicated server/service for uploading is recommended. I don’t know your setup which might allow currently for the approach you have.

In the package you are using the defaults are as follows:

var options = {
  /** @type String*/
  tmpDir: null,
  /** @type String*/
  uploadDir: null,
uploadUrl: '/upload/',

So I would check what settings you are passing in to the package initialization.

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