Cannot find module "... html" (angularjs)

Hi all,
I have this old app which uses angularjs. I started it when beginning learning meteor and angularjs. I added many Urigo packages and still am using them.

Now I upgraded this app from meteor 1.6… to meteor 1.10.2. I was obliged to downgrade:
angular-templates from version 1.0.9 to version 1.0.3

Now I can not import html files from the imports folder. I receive the error:

Cannot find module “… html”

in the Chrome console.

I must be missing something, because another of my apps is in meteor 1.10.1 version and uses the same version of angular-templates (1.0.3), and for the same reason. But this app can import html files from imports folder with no error in the browser console.

Can somebody guide me into how to solve this issue?? Maybe there is another package that I can use to substitute angular-templates with.

I just don’t want to put all those html files outside imports folder, so just to have them imported automatically by meteor.

Many thanks and bye …