'Cannot find module './jszip' after upgrade to 1.5.x


Hi guys,
I’m migrating to 1.5.x and got following error:

Uncaught Error: Cannot find module './jszip’
at makeMissingError (modules-runtime.js?hash=8587d188e038b75ecd27ed2469a52b269e38fb62:231)
at require (modules-runtime.js?hash=8587d188e038b75ecd27ed2469a52b269e38fb62:241)
at make_xlsx (modules.js?hash=8462d487b17e1ed572381927441f0ca72d7df5ff:20476)
at xlsx.js (modules.js?hash=8462d487b17e1ed572381927441f0ca72d7df5ff:30790)
at fileEvaluate (modules-runtime.js?hash=8587d188e038b75ecd27ed2469a52b269e38fb62:343)
at require (modules-runtime.js?hash=8587d188e038b75ecd27ed2469a52b269e38fb62:238)

We using XLSX by importing it from

import XLSX from ‘xlsx-browserify-shim’; works just fine, so, I guess something changed in 1.5.x that broke that lib.

I would appreciate any suggestion…

UPDATE: Ok, I think I found the reason: for some reason our guys decided to use a fork of SheetJS instead of original version. Just use original via

import XLSX from ‘xlsx’;