Cannot find module 'meteor/meteor' when importing 'meteor-type' npm package

I one meteor app I am trying to import a (local) npm package that was generated by another meteor app. This fails with the message
Error: Cannot find module 'meteor/meteor'

This is the source code for my package:

import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor'
export const isServer = () => Meteor.isServer

which transpiles into this package code:

'use strict';

Object.defineProperty(exports, "__esModule", {
  value: true
exports.isServer = undefined;

var _meteor = require('meteor/meteor');

var isServer = exports.isServer = function isServer() {
  return _meteor.Meteor.isServer;

The error is caused by the statement
var _meteor = require('meteor/meteor');

If I remove this line then everything is ok.
So, what is the correct way to create meteor packages that can be imported in other meteor apps?
I have lots of meteor code that I want to share between projects. I thought that creating npm modules should be a nice way of sharing them, but it seems that this import error will prevent me from doing so.
Or is there a way to make the meteor build tool ignore the offending import statement?

You cannot use Meteor inside npm packages yet. When Meteor transitions fully to npm then yes.
You should use Meteor’s own package system.

Would it also be possible to just strip out all the ‘import { xxx } from 'meteor/*’ statements before generating the package source?
After all, the package is only to be used inside a meteor application where all Meteor globals are defined anyway. Would this work or am I just being a bit naive?