Cannot import css file react meteor

I am trying to import css file from another file to react component and apply it but for some reason css does not apply unless i dont put my css inside client/main.css file.

This is proj structure:

What i am trying to do is using styles/MainPage.css from pages/MainPage.jsx

This is how i import css file:
import styles from '../styles/MainPage.css';

Trying to use as:

css does not apply.If i put my css into main.css and without doing any import i can use them as className="testimg"

Try importing it like this:

import '../../client/MainPage.css';
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What if i try to import a file lets say import/resources/assets/logo.png

import logo from ‘…/resources/assets/logo.png’;

is not working it says ./resources/assets/logo.png module not found.

It will not work because its not a module and is not exporting anything actually.

I will do it like this:

const logo = require(‘…/resources/assets/logo.png’);

But now I remember I saw a couple of times that type of imports on React Native, I dont like them. So maybe is that Meteor doesnt have a “loader” for files as webpack has and probably RN too.