Cannot install Meteor 1.10.2

Hi I’m trying to install Meteor 1.10.2 and I getting errors installing fourseven:scss@4.10.0. I have tried

meteor update --release 1.10.2

And I get the following message

While loading package fourseven:scss@4.10.0:
error: Command failed:
rebuild --update-binary
Cannot download

HTTP error 404 Not Found

Hint: If is not accessible in your location
try setting a proxy via HTTP_PROXY, e.g. 

export HTTP_PROXY=

or configure npm proxy via

npm config set proxy
gyp info it worked if it ends with ok
gyp verb cli [
gyp verb cli

Does anybody know why is this happening ?
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

The file does not exist:

The issue is that fourseven:scss installs it’s own version of node-sass, which has very specific Node version compatibility because it’s a native addon written in c++

Have a look at the version compatibility table here:
And check that the version of fourseven:scss matches a compatible meteor version.

It looks like you’re using 4.10.0 and you need >4.12.0

The alternative is to remove it, update and install the atmosphere package again, that way it won’t get in the way of the updater’s dependency resolver

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