Cannot load full libraries Google Analytics Api


Hello, I using meteor develop for GoogleAnalytics (Analytics Reporting API v4). I test with file HelloAnalytics.html (guide of Google). When put HelloAnalytics.html at public folder, it worked fine. However, use with meteor + reactjs by add <script src=""></script> on client/head.html, the rest code in a component. I got error gapi.auth2.getAuthInstance() = null (meteor was not load or run correct code in client:platform.js or …).
Somebody got same error or know solution my case, thanks!
tags: GoogleAnalytics, gapi.auth2.getAuthInstance() = null,


I was found for my proplem is load library by javasript in Meteor.startup

  for (var i=0; i<arguments.length; i++){
    c = d.createElement('script');
 }(document, 'head', ''));