Cannot log in to this forum

I am getting :

502 Bad Gateway: Registered endpoints failed to handle the request.

(fortunately I was stilled logged in on a machine in another room)

I see it as well - looks like a problem on the side (cc @nickcoe):

@hwillson Aha! So Nick Coe runs the complaints department? :wink:

Haha - as Meteor community dude he gets the privilege of hearing about all of our forum issues (and the forums were just down for maintenance, so this is likely related).

This forum is hosted by the guys of Discourse, so I guess a quick fix won’t take long.

This forum is hosted by Discourse, but the error is related to the custom oauth login. That’s wired up with Meteor’s servers, so they should be able to resolve it pretty quickly.

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Yeah. I figured I was in a tiny minority that :

  1. knew there was a problem
  2. could still get in to raise the alarm.

Okay. All back to normal. Yay!