Cannot start sample project

I’m absolutely new to Meteor. After successful installation I tried to run the “sample-todos” project but it crashed with "…Cannot find module ‘babel-helper-function-name’ … " and a long list of error trace. Could somebody clarify what is wrong there? I have Windows 10, 64 bit and carefully (as I hope) followed the instructions…

Thanks in advance.

Windows 10 is wrong. The Meteor tech lead, Ben Newman, has been battling problems with the Windows 260 character filepath limit since Meteor 1.3.3. I think he has made a lot of progress though…

It looks as if 1.3.4 just came out. Try running ‘meteor update’ in the project directory.

Thank you for reply. I downloaded and tried to install the 1.3.4 package manually, but during copying to the %LocalAppData%\… folder I got the Windows error informing that the destination path became too long for Windows. Is there any other thing that I could try?

Thanks in advance,

They just went through major !@#$ trying to fix these problems with Windows. I believe they are fixed right now. Your original problem with the 'Cannot find module ‘babel-helper-function-name’ error is documented in Meteor issue 7247. I think you’ll find that having the bad versions somewhat poisoned your system because the existing version is used to get the new one and the existing is broke.

I am not a Windows user anymore, so I can’t actually duplicate your issues and try to resolve them. I did note that this new version added an uninstall to the Windows Installer. Perhaps you can use that to clean out the existing installation and start anew. There may be other answers in the above thread, but it went through a lot of evolution.

If not, as someone who used Windows for development for over 30 years and just abandoned it a few months ago for Ubuntu (now using 16.04), I can testify that running Ubuntu on VirtualBox under Windows works well, especially if you have a 4 core machine and can tell VirtualBox to just give Ubuntu a couple of cores. I did that for a few months, then switched to dual booting, and for the past 3 months have not booted Windows. My life as a developer has been much easier since.

It seems we have to wait for that new fix. We are awaiting specs for a big meteor-based project (the whole team works on Windows) and I just wanted to start a bit earlier. However, thank you again for the time spent and support.

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