Can't able to fetch the user location in meteor

I developed a meteor app in which while registering I am fetching the user location at client side,to do so I have added some packages listed below:

meteor add mdg:geolocation

meteor add jeremy:geocomplete

meteor aldeed:geocoder

meteor add jaymc:google-reverse-geocode

But I am getting the following error in console.

But sometimes,I was able to fetch location but sometimes it won’t.

Please give any suggestions…

Please give us some code to work by. By stating that sometimes it works and sometimes it does not, I’m guessing you make a call before everything is loaded, but without code…?

 if (Meteor.isClient) { 

 Meteor.startup(() => {
   v: '3.26',
   key: '',                                   
  libraries: 'geometry,places'
 console.log("is GoogleMaps.loaded",GooglMaps.loaded());

   Template.Registration.onRendered(function () {
      Tracker.autorun(() => {
        if (GoogleMaps.loaded()) {

           $('#txt_address').geocomplete({country: "AU", type: 

       var date = new Date();
        format: 'DD/MM/YYYY',
        maxDate : date,
        ignoreReadonly: true


      'click #btn_findlocation':function(event){
         alert('Find Location')
        function success(position) {
        var crd = position.coords;
        console.log(`Latitude0 : ${crd.latitude}`);
        console.log(`Longitude0: ${crd.longitude}`);
        var lat = crd.latitude;
        var long = crd.longitude;
        reverseGeocode.getLocation(lat, long, function(location)
         Session.set('location', reverseGeocode.getAddrStr());

          };// end of function success(position)

        function error(err) {
           console.warn('ERROR(' + err.code + '): ' + err.message); 
        };//end of function error(err) 

     // geolocation options
        var options = {
         enableHighAccuracy: true,
         maximumAge: 0
          };// end of  var options

       navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(success, error,