Can't add Android Platform

I am trying to build just the most basic test app using Cordova. I have successfully installed all the IOS pre-requisites however I am stuck on the Android ones. I have the studio installed and I believe all the SDK stuff installed. However, It is still giving me errors, please see image below.

I have the following packages installed…

From everything, I can tell I have all the prerequisites completed but yet it is not seeing it. I have taken this one step further and looked at the studio to see what it has installed and it is showing I should be fine. See screenshots below…

Any help here is greatly appreciated as the docs for the Cordova on the meteor site are very lacking, looks like they haven’t been updated since 2017 and some of the tools are not available separately anymore and packaged in the studio only.

My goal was to do some testing of Cordova before actually adding it to my main project,

Not an expert but it looks like you have two installations of SDK(different SDK paths on screen shot) and probably it is causing the issue.

The meteor compiler is giving you pretty good report of where it is looking for SDK but your Android Studio is pointing something else.

I think the documentation gives pretty good information on setting up environment variables.