Can't add-platform android


I have a meteor-cordova project which I’ve had to downgrade from Meteor 1.2 to 1.0.1, in a bid to get Crosswalk working. Trying to flush out old settings, I did meteor remove-platform android, followed by meteor add-platform android. It’s now throwing this error:

Error: Error running /Users/nathankoren/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool/.
Failed to install 'org.apache.cordova.splashscreen':CordovaError: Plugin doesn't support this project's cordova-android version. cordova-android: 3.5.1, failed version requirement: >=3.6.0

Any ideas how to clear out the old cordova plugins so that I can truly start from scratch?


In desperation, I removed ~/.meteor and reinstalled everything from scratch.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work – still getting exactly the same error. Is it simply impossible to do “add-platform android” for older versions of Meteor?